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David Harber Sculpture
David Harber Sculpture


From Barbados to Singapore, David Harber's sundials, sculptures and water features provide a dramatic focal point for fine contemporary landscaping and interior design.

Inspired by space, time and the natural environment, their appeal is universal. And yet, as original and beautifully crafted works of corporate art, they also offer discerning corporate clients and private individuals a rare opportunity to acquire a timeless expression of personal values.

To meet the special needs of corporate customers, David's unique creative skills are complemented not only by craftsmen and technicians but also by experienced managerial staff with a first-hand understanding of business priorities.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can work directly with the client or as part of a team with developers, architects, interior designers and civil engineers.

David Harber

Oibá Interiors would love to help you realise your dream sculpture either for your residence or in a corporate setting.
We can help with architectural features, hard landscaping, and paving requirements as well as marble and stone for interior settings and will gladly advise on suitability and compatability of materials in conjunction with the David Harber team. Please call for advice.

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