Free Standing Sculpture

David Harber Sculpture
David Harber Sculpture


An elegant outdoor sculpture, inspired by the Joint European Technology project at Culham in Oxfordshire.

Subtle convex curves and knife-edge seams combine with a central portal to provide contrast to the natural environment while simultaneously connecting with it through distorted reflections.

Available in brilliant polished stainless steel or in a contrasting mix of stainless steel and heather-blue Welsh slate.

Dimensions: 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 240cm and 300cm diameter.Other sizes available upon request

David Harber

Oibá Interiors would love to help you realise your dream sculpture either for your residence or in a corporate setting.
We can help with architectural features, hard landscaping, and paving requirements as well as marble and stone for interior settings and will gladly advise on suitability and compatability of materials in conjunction with the David Harber team. Please call for advice.

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