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Floortique has a full range of natural fibre floor coverings.

Coir, Jute, Seagrass and Sisal.

Sisal in a range of styles from a simple fine boucle to colourful contrasts.

From £16.99/m² + vat

Textured Wool Carpets

Textured Wool Carpets

Sometimes the rich textures in the weave can add something special to the overall design of a room bringing more than just a colour to the table.

Not just the herringbome classic but also deep furrows of rich 100% wool

Striped Wool Carpets

Striped Wool Carpets.

Lines and stripes can offer something more than a formal pin strip

Incorporating designs and colours from around the world they can transport you from a sandy seaside retreat to the Americas with jusdt a change in palette.

Berber Carpets

100% Wool Berber Carpets.

The knots and Loops of these ancient style carpets create a very tough hard wearing flooring surface as well as beautiful designs.

From pale oatmeal flecks to rich coffee brown, you will find a colour here to match with our other natural flooring choices.

Wool Rich Twist Carpets

Wool Rich Twists.

Soft and luxurious, wool rich twist collection.

We have reduced our palette down to reflect the muted tones in nature to match with our wood flooring, stone and cork, yet there is still plenty to choose from with subtle changes in colour.

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