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What happens if I don't like the product when it turns up ?

You are covered by the Sale of Goods Act & Supply of Goods and Services. It is within your rights to reject goods on aesthetic grounds but we will ask for you to pay for the return of goods when there is no defect, less 10% re-stocking charge. Samples are available in many products and the photographs on the website whilst we endeavour to be true to the actual material this is subject to screen monitor differences.

How much is delivery, is it included in the price ?
We charge per crate for delivery of stone. Stone flooring is very heavy and cannot be transported by car. It will be delivered to your property on a vehicle with a tail lift and lowered to the ground. It will not be taken into the property. Please make adequate preparation for receipt of your stone. We charge around £50 per crate and there are different amounts of product in each according to the material in question. There may be up to 26m² or more per crate of the thinned 12mm stone, or as little as 15m² for the larger and thicker slabs. Please email and ask for a quotation.

What happens if the product is damaged when it arrives ?

We ask that you try and ascertain damage before you sign for the goods. All goods must be signed for. In the case of tiles it is not always possible to check the consignment as it may be wrapped in such a way as it is difficult to inspect. but you should order at least 10% extra over to cover for cuts and wastage. Damaged tiles can be used as cuts and you should try especially in the case of natural stone to use all the material.

How do I clean my natural stone floor ?

Stone and marble are natural products unlike a porcelain glazed tile. The sealer is generally a penetrative selaer and repells water and dirt, however the stone is still a natural material and therefore reacts with acid and strong alkaline products. Please clean with a ph neutral soap. This is available cheaply in the form of soap flakes normally used for washing woolens. Dissolve in water and mop. Or purchase a proper stone cleaning soap such as Easy care by Lithofin.

How do I clean my wood floor ?

This depends a lot on how the wood is finished. If a polyurethane varnish has been used to coat the floor then a semi dry mop can be used, but in all cases a soft brush and vacuum is the way to go. If your floor is oiled or waxed then avoid water all together, and do not allow water to sit in between the joins. A very mild soap such as a soap flake solution can be used to lift some dirt but a stronger alkaline will strip the natural oils from the wood.

Please ask for info sheet on :

How to lay a stone floor.

How to clean a stone floor.

Different laying patterns, Opus Large Random etc.

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